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Over the years, the firm of Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett has built a reputation for expertly and energetically pursuing the clients’ interests of practice areas. However, the most important focus is always on knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly service for the clients we represent. Our Chesterfield lawyers offer a diversity of practice areas but focus mainly on family law, criminal defense, traffic law, personal injury law and civil litigation, real estate, small corporations and simple estates. Although the majority of the firm’s cases arise in the courts of Chesterfield County, the firm often represents clients in various state courts throughout central Virginia. Whether you need a divorce lawyer in Chester, a personal injury lawyer in Chesterfield, or a criminal defense attorney in Colonial Heights, we can be in your corner.

Areas of Practice

Family Law

Family Law

At Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett, we listen to your needs, follow your direction, and work diligently for a mutually satisfactory agreement for both parties. In the event this cannot be achieved, our divorce lawyers aggressively represent you in your family law case to help achieve your desired goal in property disbursement, child custody, alimony and support. Our Chesterfield lawyers have represented hundreds of family law cases, making us some of the most trusted divorce lawyers in Chesterfield.

  • Divorce
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Family Law
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Adoption
  • Name Changes
  • Civil Litigation & Defense
Criminal & Traffic

Criminal & Traffic Law

We have represented hundreds of clients for a variety of criminal charges. We understand that your reckless driving, DUI, or drug charge may have been a brief lapse in judgement, or that you may not have even been impaired in the first place. A good criminal defense attorney is often the only one watching over your constitutional rights, and our criminal defense and traffic attorneys aggressively advocate for the enforcement of those rights.

At Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett we will never enter into a plea bargain to avoid trial. Plea negotiations will be explored and accepted only if you believe it is in your best interest. We file the necessary pre-trial motions, run the preliminary exam and prepare our defense to go to trial. If you need a traffic, criminal, or DUI lawyer in Chesterfield, Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett will go to great lengths to protect your rights.

  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving on Suspended License
  • Hit and Run
  • Habitual Offenders
  • Burglary & Theft Offenses
  • Drug Offenses
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Trespassing & Vandalism
  • Violent Offenses (Including Homicide)
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law

We provide effective Counsel with a proven track record for negligence, fraud and libel cases. Our personal injury attorneys offer legal advice and representation for a variety of personal injury circumstances including dog bites, bike accidents, and auto accidents in Chesterfield, Chester, Colonial Heights, and neighboring locations. We work hard to get the very best results for you regardless of whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Wrongful Deaths
  • Slips and Falls
  • Dog Bites
Real Estate

Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys have years of experience in managing real estate transactions for both residential and commercial clients. Whether your needs involve real estate closings, contract review or preparation or complex property disputes, our skilled attorneys advocate in your best interest.

  • Closings
  • Property disputes
  • Preparation of purchase/sales contracts
  • Sale or rent of property
Business Law

Business Law

At some point every business will have a need for legal counsel whether you are involved with a dispute with your customers or among partners or need help setting up your small business, partnership or corporation. Our experienced business law attorneys respond quickly and give you the attention you need and deserve.

  • Establish Limited Liability Corporations (L.L.C.)
  • Sub-chapter Corporation and Professional Corporation
  • Buy-Sell
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Employment contracts
Estate Matters

Estate Planning & Trust Law

Our Estate Planning Attorneys have years of experience in estate planning and administration. Whether your needs involve will preparation or aid in the setup of a Power of Attorney, our skilled lawyers help educate and protect you and your assets.

  • Wills
  • Power of attorney
  • Advance Medical Directive
  • Living wills
  • Administration of estates
Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Law

Our Civil Litigation Attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in civil litigation related cases. Whether your needs involve contract disputes or debt collection, our skilled lawyers help you achieve your desired goal with the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

  • Warrants in debt
  • Garnishments
  • Motions for judgment
  • Injunctions, liens, and levies
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
Workers' Comp

Workers’ Compensation

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have many years of experience representing injured workers throughout Virginia. Our attorneys take the time to educate and guide you through the workers’ compensation claims process. Most importantly, our attorneys work hard to get you the best compensation possible.

  • Lost wages
  • Medical benefits
  • Loss of use of a body part
  • Lifetime benefits
  • Death benefits

Learn About Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett

The attorneys at Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett are vitally involved in and committed to our community. Seven of the ten attorneys are life-long residents of Chesterfield County. All seven are proud products of the Chesterfield County Public School System. The other two attorneys have been in Chesterfield County for over 50 years.

Each attorney actively participates in the community by assuming leadership roles in various civic, charitable, and religious organizations. Our attorneys volunteer on the local ball fields; speak in the local schools; serve on the boards of charitable organizations; and contribute financially to those in need. We frequently provide pro bono representation to appropriate organizations.

As products of the Chesterfield community, we believe it is incumbent on us to give back to our community; to partner with the community; to be a good neighbor in the community.

At Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett, we believe it is important to be a faithful friend, not only to our clients, but to our entire community. We do everything we can to ensure we’re some of the best lawyers Chesterfield has to offer.





Lawyers in Chesterfield and Surrounding

Our offices are located in central Chesterfield, but we have represented clients in a variety of locations across Central Virginia, from Bon Air in the north to Colonial Heights in the south, and from Powhatan in the west to Hopewell in the east. If you’re outside of our primary service area, we still may be able to represent you. Please reach out to us via email or give us a call at (804) 748-8153 to provide us with additional details.

Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett’s offices are located near the Chesterfield County Courthouse off Route 10 (Iron Bridge Road), in an office complex at Centralia Road and Memory Lane (behind the Chesterfield Meadows shopping center)

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